welcome to CCG!

What happens when a pick up artist book meddles between a goofy guy and the girl of his dreams?

Let’s make a movie
and find out!

CHRIS AND THE COFFEE GIRL is a feature length, off-beat romantic comedy to star Mike Messier, Maria Kanellis, Raven, Ox Baker, and Matt “Spike/Runt” Hyson. 

Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler movie, call ours a “dream cast”. We are currently auditioning for more roles, securing locations and, yes, seeking production assistance. If you’d like to help in any way please contact:

Creative: Mike Messier – mikemessiershow@gmail.com

Business: Creusa Michelazzo – info@macremi.

Maria Kanellis our beautiful lead actress, plays Penny the Coffee Girl

Raven, Pro Wrestler and Comedian, plays The Book.

Mike Messier plays Chris.

Please contact Mike Messier if you’d like more interest and to request a copy of our film proposal.


Maria as Penny The Coffee Girl

Mike Messier

Actor/Writer/Director Mike Messier

DP/Editor Tim Labontewith star Raven

DP/Editor Tim Labonte
with star Raven

Producer Creusa Michelazzo


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