MM movie maker logo We has several opportunities for educational internships in the independent movie making process, especially for our current project Chris and the Coffee Girl and our recently completed Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! that is now being sent to festivals.

In future weeks, months and academic seasons, interns will:

* help run auditions for actors
* offer feedback on screenplay readings and offer opinions on re-writes
* marketing, promotion, and PR of all kinds including internet and social media
* filming of promotional spots for our movie
* editing of promotional spots for our movie
* filming of the movie itself including opportunities for camera operators, boom mic operators, grips, lighting techs, script supervisors, continuity, wardrobe, make up etc
* music score and soundtrack for our movie
* fundraising assistance including cold emails, cold phone calls and follow up email, phone calls and personal meetings with potential investors
* event planning and assistance for PR and fundraising
* uploading our public access show Short Film Showcase (1 hour long each episode) onto youtube
* promoting our monthly Local Film Showcase live events
* promoting our weekly acting class, C.O.R.E. A.C.T.I.N.G.
* interns will learn how to work with Actors
* interns will learn how to write “shoot-able” screenplays
* interns will learn self promotion, networking, and professional business conduct
* overall learning the ups and downs, ins and outs, highs and lows of making and marketing independent feature films in and out of Rhode Island.


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