Raven – The Philadelphia Story


Raven on set
in Philadelphia

On April 27, 2012, Writer/Director Mike Messier and DP/Editor Tim Labonte worked with Raven in a secret location to tape Voice Overs for Chris and The Coffee Girl. This was one day before Extreme Reunion, a wrestling show that reunited former Extreme Championship Wrestling legends like Shane Douglas, Too Cold Scorpio and The Gangstas.

The story of Raven’s Voice Overs has never been told… and it may never will…. suffice to say, the movie will be better for Raven’s involvement. Raven raises the bar.

Raven and Mike Messier

Raven and Mike Messier

“Raven challenges me as writer and a director. He’s a no B.S. type of guy. If he doesn’t like something, he’ll tell you, no Hollywood sh*t from Raven. The guy made his mark in Philadelphia and he reflects the truth and realness of the city. We are proud and it’s only fitting that we got to work with Raven in that great city of Philadelphia on the weekend of a return show for Extreme Wrestling. He even wore a Wrestling With Sanity T-shirt in the ring. 

I met Raven when I was 13 and he was a rookie wrestler. I’ve watched his career prosper while others of his generation have fallen.  Raven’s a warrior, a survivor and as such he demands the best. Raven told me my scripts are to be treated like filet mignon not hamburgers. Funny because he had a filet mignon sandwhich while I had a hamburger when we had  lunch. We also had shakes.” – Mike Messier 3/8/13

Here’s the video of Raven wearing a Wrestling With Sanity T-shirt (from a sister Mike Messier / Raven project) from the April 28th Extreme Reunion Show from Phildalphia. Forward to the 3minute mark to see Raven in action.

Raven  April 28, 2013 Philadelphia

April 28, 2013


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